Monday, May 22, 2017

The day we dropped LeGrande off at the mission home, I thought my heart would not be able to withstand the heartache associated with the fact that I knew I wouldn't see him for two years.  I knew that he was where he was supposed to be, but it didn't take away the pain of not having him be a daily part of my life. The last couple of months, although I still miss him like crazy, I find that time is starting to fly by faster.  I don't break down and start crying when I find an old article of his clothing from when he was younger, or start crying while singing hymns in church.  (I still do it, but not as often!)  Life does move on!  LeGrande is doing so well, and every letter home reinforces that he made the right choice in deciding to serve a mission.  We were able to talk to LeGrande on Mother's Day this year.  He looked and sounded so good.  When we talked to him in December, he seemed a little TOO serious almost, so I was kind of worried that he was stressed.  This time around, he was happy and joking around, but seriously just amazingly insightful and spiritual.

It has been fun to see Katie and Jace as a young married couple.  They are always on the run, and traveling, and seeing other parts of the world.  They just got back from Cancun over the spring break.    They went with Jace's parents and his brother Spencer, who will be graduating in May.  They will be heading off to Africa to work at a lodge (with Jacques Swart a hunting guide).  Jace will film hunts, and Katie will do what is needed in the lodge.  They leave on May 23rd.  I am so excited for them, but will miss them like crazy.

Emma continues to do so well in school.  She received a 4.0 for her third straight term.  She is just so bright and motivated.  I truly hope that she will maintain that same motivated personality throughout her lifetime to do well, but not be hard on herself as she sometimes is.  She has the sweetest, kindest little personality. She has started to get into photography after we bought a camera for her.  Just a couple of weeks ago, we went and did some genealogy work at BYU with our stake.  We took a pic of us with the family names we found.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Life Goes On!

Life is busy!  I don't know how to stay on top of everything.  We are doing well and just trying to keep our heads above water with full time jobs, and church responsibilities, and wildlife fundraising responsibilities.  John's banquet season has been going for the last several months, so every weekend we have been gone attending one or another.  I am so impressed that John does so much for the things he is passionate about like hunting, and wildlife management. He will be done with his term on the Utah State Wildlife Board in June.  He has served as the chairman of the board for the last couple of years, and has had to be a part of some pretty controversial issues.  I wish I could be more like him in so many ways!

I am just going to post several pics with captions to summarize the last few months.  I can in no way share all that we've done, but here are some highlights anyway.
With Elder Redd in West Long Beach.  A member sent us this pic.

John was able to appear on Fox 13 News during the WHCE.  He even auctioned off a date with Carrie Kronk, a newscaster

Jace, Katie, Kevin Jensen (Great family friend) and I ran in a 5k during the expo in February.  Pretty much all uphill!

John and I during the WHCE

Friday and Saturday auctions and banquets at the WHCE are the best!  A good time to dress up.

In March, our youth in the ward had an etiquette night.  I got to help plan this, but unfortunately, there were not enough boys.  Luckily for us, Dad was around to be Emma's etiquette date.

LeGrande was absolutely thrilled to get Elder Quintana as his companion.  They are currently serving in Cypress, California.  The members have been so awesome!  They are always posting and sending pics of my little dude....not so little anymore.

During Spring Break John had an auction in Bryce Canyon.  Although the weather was horrible, we did actually get a small hike in,-Red Canyon.  Even brough Milo.  Emma enjoyed her new camera and took some really cool pictures.

I did some remodeling/Painting during the break.  From bright red to grey.  I even sewed my own valances.  Everyone knows I am NOT domestic.  But I did try!  Turned out better than I had hoped for.

I guess this would be an after and before pic!

Elder Bair and Elder Quintana preachin!  I received this pic on my birthday.  It was the BEST present EVER.

John received a prestigious award for his service on the Utah State Wildlife Board.  He has been chairman for the last couple of years.  His term of six years will end in June.  I can't believe it!  

John and Emma at the recognition dinner for John.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Katie and Jace Visit Cuba

Katie and Jace had the rare opportunity to visit Cuba this last December. One thing I admire about them is that they will do what is necessary to see the world!

I received a text from Katie today with a screen shot of one of my blog posts.  Since it is evident that I am not as diligent as some of my friends who I aspire to be like, I have not kept up on it like I should.  It helped to know that someone read the post.

So a family update.  Katie and Jace have had quite an interesting time of it.  They just recently took a trip to Cuba.  Jace and Katie have done quite a bit of videography, but I think they are wanting to branch out and really document their travels.  The name of their company is A.I.M Productions (Adventure In Motion).  They had some incredible experiences in Cuba that they will cherish I am sure.  I will include some of their pictures and maybe a video.

LeGrande, or Elder Bair, I should say, has started his SEVENTH month in the mission field.  I can't believe it.  I wouldn't say the time has flown by any means, but I can't believe this many months have passed.  We think about him every day, and talk about him EVERY DAY!  We were fortunate enough to talk to him on Christmas.  Jace and Katie came over and we spend about an hour with him.  It was difficult for him to hear us for some reason, so we were yelling so that he could hear US.  It was such a treat to hear him talk about his experiences in the mission field.  He has grown and matured in so many ways.  He is still in the Long Beach West zone.  His trainer, Elder Ho Ching finished his mission and returned to Utah.  He's from Samoa I think, but will be going to UVU here shortly.  We were able to go to his homecoming and meet him and talk with him a little.  He seems like he would have been such a great missionary and full of knowledge about the Gospel.

LeGrande had his companion Elder Sharek, from Idaho, after Elder HoChing.  He is now companions with Elder Redd from Spanish Fork. I just learned that Katie and Jace are in his parents ward!  What a small world.

We were able to talk to LeGrande on Christmas for about an hour.  It was so good to see his face and know that he is doing well.  He seems like he is very focused on the mission, and sharing the Gospel. He has met so many great people in the process.  There is a cute young couple that LeGrande worked with who were baptized.  Ana Clara and Rodrigo.  We have come to know them a little through Facebook, and have grown to love them as well!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Family Photos and Elder Bair Update

So I am a work in progress and am learning with this whole blog thing.  I don't write in a journal anymore, so this is it!

Before LeGrande left on his mission, my very talented sister-in-law, Maria Wood, took our family photos.  I am finally updating our family profile picture.

I can't believe that Elder Bair has been out for about 2.5 months now.  He is loving the mission, but I can't get him to send any photos.  It is really frustrating that way because I want to see his face.  I keep having to remember that his focus shouldn't be on worrying if I get my pics, but that he is doing the work.  (I would still like to get some pictures though).  He seems to be really happy and is enjoying learning the Samoan language even though he was not called Samoan speaking.  He relates some interesting stories about his investigators.  I would love to meet the people he is teaching!  Elder HoChing, his trainer, is renowned through the mission as one of the best trainers, so we feel very blessed to have him be LeGrande's trainer.  It has become very evident that LeGrande is growing and learning so much about the Gospel and about himself.  I am so grateful that he could serve.