Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November News

LeGrande celebrated his 11th birthday on November 19th. It was a fun day celebrated by an early morning breakfast served by Dad. Yes, believe it! The pictures are there to prove it. We gave him a shotgun for his gift which he took out shooting with John and Grandpa Bair within a couple of days. He is apparently a good shot, which John could not stop bragging about. He didn't have a party with friends, but we did celebrate as a family.

Just tonight we had his football banquet to celebrate their awesome season. John was given a plaque in recognition of him coaching, Katie and Emma were given a trophy to celebrate their cheerleading contribution, and LeGrande got a plaque for playing. I felt kind of left out as everyone in the family got a trophy but I didn't. Just kidding...I am excited to sit back and watch my fabulous family have the glory.
There is a pic of LeGrande and me running in the Earn your Turkey race on Thanksgiving day. We were really slow, but we still completed it!
Twilight was a highlight of the month. We celebrated jen's birthday by going to eat out and then waiting in line for 3 hours just to get a good seat. I thought it was a good comedy, but wasn' t really impressed as I had hoped I would be. Playing games out in the hallway as we waited, and just hanging out with awesome friends was definitely the highlight of the night.