Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 2009

June has been a busy month.  I started out by going on the 4th year overnighter to Capitol Reef.  A week later I, along with Katie, went to youth conference in Gunnison, Utah of all places.  A week and a half later, we went to girls camp.  It has been crazy!  I am just grateful to be home and with the kiddos.  We have had plenty of fun in between these outings to hang out at Seven Peaks.  These next few weeks I just plan on being with my babies and relaxing.  Youth Conference was an especially amazing experience.  The planning involved was at times overwhelming, but its amazing how everything just seems to come together.  Most of the youth who participated ended up having a tremendous experience.  It was evident in the testimonies that were shared on the last day in the shadow of the Manti temple. And although I wouldn't allow Katie to go to the dance on the last day as she isn't quite fourteen, she even says she had a great time.  The 4th year overnight experience was incredible. I had never been to Capitol Reef, but it was absolutely beautiful!  We hiked around the bottom of the canyon traversing the river over and over again.  It wasn't strenuous, but there were a couple of spots that were a little bit challenging to climb.  More than anything, I loved hanging out with the AWESOME people that I worked with.