Tuesday, December 4, 2012


In March, we "adopted" our English Bulldog, Remington from some friends (Misty Perkins and her family).  He came to us at about a year and a half old with LOTS of personality.  Although having an indoor dog was something my husband vowed would never happen, apparently he figured making me happy on my birthday was more important.  Remi, although certainly an adjustment, has been such a fun, hairy, slobbery, cute, funny addition to the family.  He snores so incredibly loud that sometimes I wonder if there is an earthquake.  There have been nights when I can hear John, LeGrande, AND Remi snoring at the same time.  Needless to say, on those nights I don't get much rest.

Family Pics

About a year ago, my amazing photographer/sister-in-law, Maria Wood, took our family pictures. They were taken at a farm out in Mapleton.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I am back....maybe

So after a couple of years away due to the fact that I couldn't remember my password, I am now trying to get back into the blogging thing.  Feeling kind of overwhelmed I must admit.  My oldest (Katie) is now a senior at Springville High School, and my baby girl (Emma) is in fifth grade.  My middle child , "neglected" as refers to himself, is now in ninth grade serving on the student council. The years are a blur for me as far as teaching is concerned.  I love my job teaching sixth grade at Westside (most days), and feel very blessed to live where I live, have the family I have, and a job that I love.  I am not going to try and catch up on everything right away, but will try to fill in the missing pieces that have made up the wonderful puzzle of life the last couple of years.