Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Family Photos and Elder Bair Update

So I am a work in progress and am learning with this whole blog thing.  I don't write in a journal anymore, so this is it!

Before LeGrande left on his mission, my very talented sister-in-law, Maria Wood, took our family photos.  I am finally updating our family profile picture.

I can't believe that Elder Bair has been out for about 2.5 months now.  He is loving the mission, but I can't get him to send any photos.  It is really frustrating that way because I want to see his face.  I keep having to remember that his focus shouldn't be on worrying if I get my pics, but that he is doing the work.  (I would still like to get some pictures though).  He seems to be really happy and is enjoying learning the Samoan language even though he was not called Samoan speaking.  He relates some interesting stories about his investigators.  I would love to meet the people he is teaching!  Elder HoChing, his trainer, is renowned through the mission as one of the best trainers, so we feel very blessed to have him be LeGrande's trainer.  It has become very evident that LeGrande is growing and learning so much about the Gospel and about himself.  I am so grateful that he could serve.