Monday, May 22, 2017

The day we dropped LeGrande off at the mission home, I thought my heart would not be able to withstand the heartache associated with the fact that I knew I wouldn't see him for two years.  I knew that he was where he was supposed to be, but it didn't take away the pain of not having him be a daily part of my life. The last couple of months, although I still miss him like crazy, I find that time is starting to fly by faster.  I don't break down and start crying when I find an old article of his clothing from when he was younger, or start crying while singing hymns in church.  (I still do it, but not as often!)  Life does move on!  LeGrande is doing so well, and every letter home reinforces that he made the right choice in deciding to serve a mission.  We were able to talk to LeGrande on Mother's Day this year.  He looked and sounded so good.  When we talked to him in December, he seemed a little TOO serious almost, so I was kind of worried that he was stressed.  This time around, he was happy and joking around, but seriously just amazingly insightful and spiritual.

It has been fun to see Katie and Jace as a young married couple.  They are always on the run, and traveling, and seeing other parts of the world.  They just got back from Cancun over the spring break.    They went with Jace's parents and his brother Spencer, who will be graduating in May.  They will be heading off to Africa to work at a lodge (with Jacques Swart a hunting guide).  Jace will film hunts, and Katie will do what is needed in the lodge.  They leave on May 23rd.  I am so excited for them, but will miss them like crazy.

Emma continues to do so well in school.  She received a 4.0 for her third straight term.  She is just so bright and motivated.  I truly hope that she will maintain that same motivated personality throughout her lifetime to do well, but not be hard on herself as she sometimes is.  She has the sweetest, kindest little personality. She has started to get into photography after we bought a camera for her.  Just a couple of weeks ago, we went and did some genealogy work at BYU with our stake.  We took a pic of us with the family names we found.

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